Fixed Equipment Slides

Designed to mount using either Type A or Type C mounting angles, these Fixed Equipment Slides have an adjustable rear mounting bracket. This feature means the position of the mounting angles can be adjusted depending on the equipment being installed. The slides can be mounted into all cabinets, they are powder coated in Sable Black . All slides have a load rating of 50kg.

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Sable Black TX
P/# 34002-44

The colour samples above are our standard range. As colour printing can only give a representative indication we suggest customers request spray out samples to guarantee exact colour match. These will also give accurate gloss and texture levels. (Semi gloss texture finish is always recommended and supplied unless requested otherwise).

Any other colour may be specified, however additional cost and or lead time will result. For accurate colour identification refer to Australian Standards AS 2700S-1985 or Pantone standards. Gloss level and texture should also be specified.