This series of Cabinets forms the basis of Australia’s top selling range. They are both aesthetically pleasing and versatile. All versions of similar height and depth may be readily bayed together, further enhancing the visual of these units.

To augment the flexibility of this range of cabinets, two styles of mounting angles are available to provide multiple combinations to suit all applications.

To ensure these cabinets remain cost effective, it was decided that customers must be able to fit out the cabinet to suit their specific requirements. There should be no need to purchase cabinet features that add to the cost but are not required.

As an example, for cable management, rear mounting angles are often not needed, so they have been made optional. Typical of all MFB cabinets and accessories, this series demonstrates quality, coupled with innovative and functional design.


  • Accepts 2 types of mounting angles.
  • Removable bottom trims at front and rear allows cable access when through the floor entry is not available.
  • Bolt down holes in the base.
  • Levelling feet brackets for optional levelling feet.
  • Grille top panel with cable entry port.
  • Side panels may be omitted when cabinets are to be bayed up. To assist cabling between racks, ports in the‑side of the base frame are exposed when the side panels are removed.
  • Flush rear panels can be used as an alternative to doors. These panels are retained by screws. For added protection, these screws can be changed to a security type which can only be removed using a special tool.


  • Mounting Angles can be positioned anywhere within the confines of the cabinet.
  • Snap-on and key lockable sides.
  • Flush doors at the front and rear are mounted on lift-off hinges. The doors have a full 180 degree swing and are fitted with central key locks, multi-point locking, or magnetic catches.
  • Glazed doors can be glass or acrylic panel, with or without venting.
  • Metal doors can be plain or vented.
  • Roof Fan Tray with or without thermostat or speed controller.
  • For ventilation, grille trims may be fitted and increased air flow can be achieved by the introduction of a Plinth Fan Unit.
  • Castor rails can be fitted. They add only 20mm to the overall height. They cannot be used in conjunction with a Plinth Fan Unit. All castors used are heavy duty ball bearing type.
  • Levelling feet.
  • Castor Base for use with Plinth Fan Unit.
  • Stabilizer Feet can be added to the frame to provide additional stability when large items are slid out from the cabinet. These feet sit flush within the bottom trim and can be pivoted out when required. This innovative design ensures there is no danger of tripping when not in use.
  • Lifting Eyebolts provisions are standard.
  • Can be shipped unassembled.
  • Brushed Cable gland is available upon request to fit on cable entry holes in top panel.
Available Sizes

Heights : 12, 18, 27, 33, 39, 42 and 45 (RU)
Depths : 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 (mm)
Widths : 600, 700 and 800 (mm)

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RU Printed MTG Angles

APO Grey Ripple

APO Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-81

Gypsy Beige Ripple

Gypsy Beige Ripple
P/# 34000-07

IBM Blue Ripple

IBM Blue Ripple
P/# 34000-79

Charcoal Grey Ripple

Charcoal Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-34

Light Grey Ripple

Light Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-41

Sable Black TX

Sable Black TX
P/# 34002-44

The colour samples above are our standard range. As colour printing can only give a representative indication we suggest customers request spray out samples to guarantee exact colour match. These will also give accurate gloss and texture levels. (Semi gloss texture finish is always recommended and supplied unless requested otherwise).

Any other colour may be specified, however additional cost and or lead time will result. For accurate colour identification refer to Australian Standards AS 2700S-1985 or Pantone standards. Gloss level and texture should also be specified.