Aluminium Channel Rack

This well designed self-supporting channel rack comes in sizes ranging from 27RU to 63RU.

It is fabricated entirely from heavy aluminium sections with a powder coat BS631 Light Grey finish.

Both sides of each channel are drilled and‑tapped M6, conforming to IEC 60297 practice.

19″ Channel racks provide a base footprint of 527 wide x 376 deep, while 23″ Channel racks are 627 wide x 376 deep. Suitably distributed loads up to 600kg could be considered safe. Four mounting holes are provided in the base. Upper fixing may be advisable in some circumstances.


  • Accessories include Power Distribution Panels, Earth Bars, Lacing Rings and Cantilever Shelves etc. (Refer‑Accessories Section)
  • Available in ETSI format
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BS631 Light Grey

BS631 Light Grey
P/# 34000-05

The colour samples above are our standard range. As colour printing can only give a representative indication we suggest customers request spray out samples to guarantee exact colour match. These will also give accurate gloss and texture levels. (Semi gloss texture finish is always recommended and supplied unless requested otherwise).

Any other colour may be specified, however additional cost and or lead time will result. For accurate colour identification refer to Australian Standards AS 2700S-1985 or Pantone standards. Gloss level and texture should also be specified.