Profile D is similar to Profile A design – providing 12RU above the desk and 10RU below the desk. The top of the Console is horizontal, making it suitable to placing objects on. Care should be taken to avoid blocking the air outlet vents.


  • All Console Suites are manufactured using heavy gauge phosphated steel for all frame and internal structural mounting components. Sides and doors are supplied in 1.0mm steel and desktops are manufactured using MDF with a laminate veneer. All components can be colour matched to customer’s specifications. It is important to remember, when colour matching a desktop with the Console panels, choose the laminate first and match the panel finish accordingly. It is recommended that the finish of all components, the frame, panels and desktop, be confirmed early in the design stage, as these are often special requirements and can sometimes hinder completion time.
  • Entry to the body of the console is gained through a lockable rear door. Lower front covers, desk under covers and end panels provide generous access for installation and periodic service, also individual bays are not isolated so interconnection between bays is unrestricted.
  • The Console base is equipped with both levelling feet and fastening down brackets.
  • Each console consists of a bay with a metal rear door and ventilated top cover. (Profile B does not have a ventilated top cover).
  • Below desk key lockable swing down door.
  • Equipment up to 500mm depth can be accommodated at the top of the console and 400mm deep below the desk. Inclining rack-mounting faces may result in the number of RU’s available in a console being reduced. In determining the available racking space, consideration needs to be given to the position of the Mounting Angles and the depth of the equipment being s installed.
  • Most of MFB’s standard accessories can be utilised without modification.


  • Plug in halogen work lights allow individual workstations to be lit to operator comfort. Red filters may be fitted to minimise glare to adjacent workstations.
  • Anti-glare shields can be fitted to individual bays as required.
  • Heat generated within the Console may be vented away from the operator either by a plinth fan unit or fan panel.
  • Bays of 19”, 21” or 650 wide modules.
  • 22.5 degree wedges are fitted with a rear panel*
  • 45 degree wedges incorporate 19” racking and a metal rear door*
  • * All wedge above desk front panels can be modified for housing equipment, phones, clocks, bookshelves etc.
  • End covers.
  • Below desk magnetic catch swing down‑door.
  • Universal flat screen mounting bracket can be used for monitors.
  • Under desk drawer.
APO Grey Ripple

APO Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-81

Gypsy Beige Ripple

Gypsy Beige Ripple
P/# 34000-07

IBM Blue Ripple

IBM Blue Ripple
P/# 34000-79

Charcoal Grey Ripple

Charcoal Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-34

Light Grey Ripple

Light Grey Ripple
P/# 34000-41

Sable Black TX

Sable Black TX
P/# 34002-44

The colour samples above are our standard range. As colour printing can only give a representative indication we suggest customers request spray out samples to guarantee exact colour match. These will also give accurate gloss and texture levels. (Semi gloss texture finish is always recommended and supplied unless requested otherwise).

Any other colour may be specified, however additional cost and or lead time will result. For accurate colour identification refer to Australian Standards AS 2700S-1985 or Pantone standards. Gloss level and texture should also be specified.