MFB Manufacture a wide range of accessories including shelves, panels, wire management accessories, power distribution units, air management accessories, Sentinel power boards, KVM switches, plinth & base accessories and many others.

Shelves & Drawers

Cantilever Shelf
Fixed Equipment Slides
Flat Shelf – Heavy Duty
Flat Shelf – Standard
Heavy Duty Server Shelf
One Piece Cantilever Shelf
Telescopic Drawers
Telescopic Extension Kits
Telescopic Shelf
Telescopic Shelf with Pivot Plate
Telescopic Writing Desk

Cable Management

Cable Gland Edge Protecter
Cable Retaining Hoop Panel
Cable Trays
Earth Bars
Hinged Cable Carrier
Horizontal Cable Duct
Horizontal Wire Management Tray
Lacing Bars
Lacing Rings
Overhead Cable Duct System
PVC Cable Ducting
Roof Cable Duct
Vertical Cable Ducts

Power Distribution

1RU Fluorescent Light
Horizontal Power Distribution Board
Sentinel Power Boards
Vertical Power Distribution Board

Air Management

1RU Air Flow Diverter
1RU Fixed Fan Tray
AC Axial Fans
Filter Fans
Grille Trim Assembly
Plinth Fan Unit
Rack Mount Fan Panel
Roof Fan Tray
Speed Controller

Air Conditioners

A/C – Roof Mounted
A/C – Side Mounted


Blank Panels
Vent Panels

Other Accessories

Cabinet Front Stabilizers
Cage Nut Assembly
DIN Rail and Front Panel
Document Pocket
Eye Bolts
Internal Swing Frame Assembly
LCD Monitor Mount Panel 19″
Lifting Spreader Bars
Rack Mount Storage Bin
RU Printed MTG Angles
Smartlock Access Control Management

KVM Switches

KVM Switch & Rackmount Screens

Plinth & Base

Base Infill Panel
Castor Rails
RFI/S280 Industrial Plinth