Smartlock Access Control Management

S2005 Smartlock handle

IP addressable smartlock systems are available for the S2005 range of doors. Providing flexibility, remote locking and traceability. The smartlock system with temperature and humidity sensing, can be fitted to all door configurations.


The InfraSolution products enable data centre operations managers, IT administrators and facilities managers to enhance rack level security and equipment efficiency by using remote rack IP door access with swipe card control, incorporating temperature & humidity monitoring.

Be in Control of Cabinet Security and Environment .

MFB has recognised the need for a family of competitively priced highly reliable, scalable cabinet access control and monitoring systems to meet today’s data centre physical layer security and environmental requirements.

InfraSolution is designed to allow cabinet control and monitoring of door handles, including temperature and humidity for up to 200 cabinets over either a local area network or a wide area network. The web based GUI (Graphic User Interface) management software allows up to eight simultaneous users to access and control different cabinets.

There are two InfraSolution ‘in the box’ options. The InfraBox 820 and the InfraBox 840. The 820 package includes two (front/ rear) SmartCard electromagnetic rack handles/cable harnesses and two SmartCards. The InfraBox 840 package has all the 820 features plus an additional 8 X RJ45 expansion ports that allow the user to control or monitor SmartPDUs via a Cat6 cable. Typically, you can monitor PDUs amperage as well as remotely switching power sockets on and off via IP using the same GUI software. There are also 2 X RJ11 ports that provide an interface for digital temperature and humidity sensors.

The SmartCard handle is designed for use with either inductive, mechanical or optical door opening / closing sensor and the SmartCards themselves can either be HID or Mifare compatible. The handle has a built in digital temperature sensor, and for security back up it is supplied with mechanical keys.

The system is available on all S2005 style doors, in single and multipoint configurations. Left hand or Right hand hinged.

Talk to MFB to customise a solution for your needs including the incorporation of InfraSolution on existing cabinets.