S30 Notebook Trolley

MFB is proud to release its range of portable, chargeable notebook trolleys.

Designed for not only education environments, but also commercial businesses that organise large numbers of notebooks and require support tools necessary for effective business practice.

Manufactured from galvaneal steel, the units are made of fabricated parts: powder coated and assembled using concealed hemlock rivets.

This series has been designed taking into consideration ergonomics and aesthetics. It becomes a stylish piece of additional school room or office furniture.

Suitable venting is provided to ensure appropriate airflow to prevent excessive heat build up.

The units are supplied with stylish lockable castors.


  • Notebooks are stored horizontally. Provision is made to accommodate the associated power supply and leads.
  • Built into the notebook trolley is a power source.
  • Whilst stored, notebooks can be charged overnight.
  • A light indicator power switch is standard for quick assessment confirming if the unit is on or off.
  • The units also feature cable retaining brackets to prevent messy mains leads on the floor.
  • There is also provision for a cable to secure the trolley and prevent unauthorised moving.
  • Doors feature three point locking and provide additional security.
  • A recessed tray in the top is provided for bags, folders, pens or other items. Pull away power lead ensures no damage if trolley is moved whilst still plugged in.


The units are designed to accommodate up to 16 notebooks. Units are finished in powder coat. A customer choice of colours are available including corporate colours if required.